Yes! We submitted more than 10 thousands signatures for the ‘Status of the Miners’ to governmental institutions

We would like to thank all the people that helped us to achieve such a goal!

On 21st of December 2020, we submitted to governmental institutions the collected signatures of the petition for the legal recognition of the Miner's Status; more than ten thousand signatures in only four weeks, in a time of pandemic and restrictions, with very limited financial and human resources.

We would like to thank all the people that helped us to achieve such goal: miners, ex-miners, activists of Organizata Politike and for the rights of workers, local small businesses, public figures, internet portals and pages that spread the call, as well as many supporters — from Bulqiza to Korça, from Kukës to Tirana, from Tropoja to Memaliaj, even beyond our national borders. Their support and solidarity not only made possible the collection of such an incredible number of signatures, but it gives us hope in achieving the legal recognition of the Status.

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We would also like to make a call to the governmental institutions. The Miner's Status is a basic right that has been negated to us for more than 30 years. This petition must be analysed as soon as possible! The number of signatures, whether twenty or thirty thousand, is just an ordinary excuse. The Status should have been recognized decades ago!

This petition is but the first — not the only — step forward. More activities will follow if the governmental institutions will continue to deride us. 10,700 miners, ex-miners and citizens of Albania are not mere signatures, but also dedication to future actions.

United and committed we shall win the Status!

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